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Greater Des Moines Public Art Foundation


Greater Des Moines Public Art Foundation places art in public spaces in the community through public and private collaborations, adding to the cultural record through its collections and educational programs.


Greater Des Moines Public Art Foundation engages, inspires, and enriches the lives of citizens and visitors in our community through its public art program. The Foundation increases cultural awareness by establishing a world class destination for public art.


Greater Des Moines Public Art Foundation (GDMPAF) is a tax exempt 501(c)(3) educational organization which, as a public charity, funds and administers a program to advance public art and public art education throughout Greater Des Moines.

GDMPAF is the “go to” resource, the lead organization and advocate for “advancing public art” in Greater Des Moines. It is dedicated to envisioning, developing, advancing and promoting public art projects in the community. GDMPAF recognizes that art belongs in streetscapes, parks, buildings and infrastructures of a thriving community, not just in galleries and museums. Thus, it actively seeks opportunities for art integration throughout the community with the goal of establishing a world-class destination for public art.

Through a global, multidisciplinary and diverse approach to public art, the GDMPAF:

  • Researches and interprets public art for all ages and provides educational curriculum to teachers, focusing on pre-K through high school students;
  • Selects and commissions works of art created by venerated professional artists for installation in public spaces;
  • Acquires artworks for a public art collection by means of direct commissions, invitationals, community initiated projects, and gifts;
  • Enhances the physical environment, public buildings, and lands;
  • Provides financial support and assistance in commissioning professional artists for private or municipal urban development projects;
  • Integrates professional artists into the planning, design, and construction of city and privately developed facilities, e.g., buildings, parks, streetscapes, and any other facilities and spaces that would benefit from participation by an artist;
  • Celebrates the multi-cultural and diverse character of the community’s residential and commercial neighborhoods and citizens;
  • Nurtures a sense of citizen ownership and pride in a public art collection;
  • Encourages creative partnerships between artists and residents, neighborhoods, businesses, and community organizations located in the city.

City of Des Moines

GDMPAF is supported by The City of Des Moines, Iowa for the purpose of enhancing the City’s physical environment and public space through a program of public art.


GDMPAF is funded in part by BRAVO of Greater Des Moines.
Greater Des Moines Public Art Foundation

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