Photo Courtesy of  urbanDSM
Art Type
Media / Materials
Year Completed
Commissioned by Greater Des Moines Public Art Foundation.
Latitude & Longitude
41.5835506, -93.62443200000001
Location Description
DART Central Station is located in downtown Des Moines at 620 Cherry Street, it is the primary transfer location between routes.

Bus Wrap #2: “Totems”

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The Greater Des Moines Public Art Foundation’s ProjectSPACES initiative, in partnership with the Des Moines Area Regional Transit Authority (DART), unveiled Jay Vigon’s public art bus wrap at the 2015 Des Moines Arts Festival in June 2015. The bus wrap is the second of four planned public art bus wraps featuring artists’ one-of-a- kind designs.

Detail of Jay Vigon's bus design with an admirer.
Detail of Jay Vigon’s bus design with an admirer.

“In the spirit of the Public Art Foundation’s mission, we are a catalyst for the active engagement of audiences with public art!” remarked M. Jessica Rowe, Director of the Greater Des Moines Public Art Foundation. “A ProjectSPACES program, this project is a great example of our temporary public art initiatives. We embrace our role as an engaged community partner with DART to help nurture the City’s wider strategies for economic, social and cultural development — our aim is to enrich the lives in our community by advancing the best of public art.”

“The public art bus will travel to nearly every community in Greater Des Moines,” said Kirstin Baer-Harding, DART marketing director. “DART’s presence within these communities lends a perfect opportunity to join with the Public Art Foundation and bring public art into areas you wouldn’t normally find it.”

The bus wrap was the second in a series of four projects, supported through the Public Art Foundation’s ProjectSPACES initiative.