Walk Around the Building; Drive or Bike By It; Fly Over It

March 26, 2012  |   Events,   News,   World
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The exterior of the Hirshhorn — a circular cement fortress — could hardly be described as cinematic. The entire exterior of the Gordon Bunshaft-designed museum is temporarily awash in the glow of projection lights, providing the surface for an exciting new piece of public art: Doug Aitken Song 1

Doug Aitken's “SONG 1” multimedia spectacle is being projected onto all sides of Washington, D.C. modernist museum.

The artist, known for his outdoor film installations and art “happenings,” is projecting video all around the Hirshhorn’s cyllindrical, concrete 82-foot-tall exterior. It’ll take 11 high-definition video projectors to cover the whole space.

Because the piece covers the Hirshhorn’s entire outer surface, it’s impossible to see the whole of “SONG 1” at once — to get the full experience, you’ll have to walk around the building, drive or bike by it, fly over it.