San Francisco MOMA Illuminated With New Work By Artist Jim Campbell

November 7, 2011  |   News,   World
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Through September 25, 2012: San Francisco Museum of Modern Art presents Jim Campbell: “Exploded Views.” This new work features hundreds of flickering LED lights creating the illusion of figurative images that explore and reflect the human experience. As visitors move through the space, the vantage point alters and the shadow-like figures begin to take shape, blurring the boundaries between image and object. Both abstract and representational, sculptural and image based, Campbell’s suspended installation illuminates the space like a chandelier as well as function as a cinematic screen. Since Campbell began to use video in the 1980s, he has created a series of works that explore the boundaries of perception and moving image displays. In many of these, the position of the viewer is central to the perception of the work.

An interactive installation called "ScatteredLight" by Jim Campbell In MInneapolis, MN
Campbell is one of the most internationally renowned media art pioneers living in the Bay Area.