Standing Stones
Art Type
Media / Materials
Year Completed
Commissioned in Memory of Florence C. and David S. Kruidenier, Project made possible by the Kruidenier Family Members and In-laws; Des Moines Art Center Permanent Collections, 1989.5
Latitude & Longitude
41.584497, -93.680649
Location Description
North edge of Greenwood Park, along Grand Avenue, west of 45th Street.

Standing Stones

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The artist’s site-specific sculpture celebrates the rise and fall of the land and experience of seeing the work through walking or driving past the Des Moines Art Center. The hill shifts in two directions and the stones mark the shift in the landscape. Intended to be human scale, the approximately five (5) feet high stones were quarried in Sweden. A measure of space, the sculptural field is the entire area defined by the granite place markers.