Photo Courtesy of  Beau Kenyon  
Beau Kenyon

 born 1979

Beau Kenyon

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Beau Kenyon, an Iowa native, is a composer and educator whose nationally exhibited work typically operates in the public sphere and is rooted in principles of collaboration and empathy. Among his many accomplishments, he was the Boston Public Library’s first artist in residence, was the 2019 Mass MOCA Assets for Artists fellow, has worked in national and International residencies, and is a lecturer at Northeastern College of Arts Media and Design.

In addition to drawing on his musical training from Berklee College of Music (B.M. Piano and Composition) and Tufts University (M.A. Composition), he also engages his 10+ years of experience in Montessori-based curriculum design and education leadership as well as his ongoing investigation of music cognition — most recently contributing to a publication inPLoS ONE on the relationship between musical study and Executive Function. Collectively, these passions work together to shape his fundamental approach to collaboration, partnership, and creativity.

His work has been featured within many platforms, such as dance performances, online animated literature, television, concert halls, and art gallery installations.

Beau Kenyon's Public Art in Greater Des Moines

  River Constellation Team

 2019  |  Long-Term Collection
  Gray’s Lake Neighborhood