Lincoln and Tad

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1884 -1967
Art Type
Media / Materials
Year Completed
State of Iowa
Latitude & Longitude
41.591127, -93.604855
Location Description
West side of Iowa State Capitol building

Sculpted by Fred and Mabel Torey of Des Moines, the statue was dedicated on the anniversary of the Gettysberg Address, November 19, 1961. The only monument of Abraham Lincoln that celebrates him as a father rather than as president. This unusual bronze sculpture presents President Lincoln in a fatherly role with his youngest son Tad (Thomas). Artist Fred Torrey selected the pose from the famous photograph of Lincoln and his son taken during the Civil War. Torrey’s wife Mabel created the idealized figure of Tad. The statue, inscribed simply as “Lincoln and Tad,” has been on the grounds west of the Iowa State Capitol building since 1961. Commissioned by Friends of Lincoln, Inc.: The cost of the monument was raised primarily by Iowa school children and a booth at the Iowa State Fair. School children throughout Iowa contributed to the monument’s cost in a statewide penny drive.

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Greater Des Moines Public Art Foundation

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