Martin Puryear

 born 1941

Martin Puryear

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Martin Puryear was born in Washington, DC, in 1941. He began his career in the 1970s alongside other members of the Post-Minimalist generation. Working primarily in wood, he has maintained an unwavering commitment to manual skill and traditional building methods. His sculptures are rich with psychological and intellectual references, examining issues of identity, culture, and history.

Puryear is widely celebrated for his elegant but playful sculptures and his devotion to craft. Puryear’s sculpture combines modernist abstraction with traditions of crafts and woodworking, in shapes informed by the natural world and by ordinary objects and made with materials such as wood, stone, tar, bronze, and wire. His drawings and prints are less well known, but they are equally essential to the artist’s studio practice. Martin Puryear: Multiple Dimensions was an exhibition that offers an unprecedented look into Puryear’s inspirations, methods, and transformative process.

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In his youth, he studied crafts and learned how to build guitars, furniture, and canoes through practical training and instruction. After earning his BA from Catholic University in Washington DC, Puryear joined the Peace Corps in Sierra Leone, and later attended the Swedish Royal Academy of Art. He received an MFA in sculpture from Yale University in 1971. Puryear’s objects and public installations—in wood, stone, tar, wire, and various metals—are a marriage of minimalist logic with traditional ways of making. Puryear’s evocative, dreamlike explorations in abstract forms retain vestigial elements of utility from everyday objects found in the world. Read more about the artist in Art21.

Martin Puryear's Public Art in Greater Des Moines

  Martin Puryear

 1990  |  Long-Term Collection
  Pappajohn Sculpture Park