Photo Courtesy of  Charles Villyard
"Jim Campbell: Rhythms of Perception," at the Museum of the Moving Image, New York.

Jim Campbell

born 1956

Jim Campbell

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Jim Campbell, born 1956 in Chicago, Illinois, is a contemporary San Francisco based artist who primarily works with LED light installations. Campbell began his artistic career in filmmaking but switched to electronic sculpture in 1990 and started making his iconic LED matrix works in 2000.

His work combines film, light emitting diodes (LEDs) and sculptural elements, while he pushes the limits of perception and explores the line between representation and abstraction. Rather than working with highly defined images, Campbell, who has degrees from MIT in both mathematics and electrical engineering, eschews clarity in favor of interpretive possibility.

Detail of Swirl
Detail of Swirl

He leaves it to viewers to fill in the gaps left in his work, allowing them to personalize it to an unusual degree. He has emerged as a leading figure in new media arts.

Campbell’s work is part of numerous public collections such as the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York; The Museum of Modern Art, New York; Smithsonian American Art Museum, Washington, DC; The Whitney Museum of American Art, New York; the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art.

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