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There are many ways to build an image…

August 10, 2012  |   Feature,   News
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“The richness of the city is all the various cultures coming together, and the richness of my art will be to simultaneously let people in on how many ways there are to build an image,” said Chuck Close about the giantic mosaics he is creating for the 2nd Avenue subway in New York City.

Close’s pieces will pay tribute to the subway commuters that will use the new trains every day. The mosaics will continue Close’s infamous series of distorted portraits that have become indicative of the painter’s signature style over the last 30 years. Ten foot high mosaics will encompass 1,000 square feet around the train station, and depict commuters old and young.

Sculptor Sarah Sze, who recently had a show at Asia Society, will be installing an intricate work of drawings on ceramic tiles spanning nearly two blocks long at East 96th Street.

Sarah Sze’s massive piece will transform two blocks along 96th Street subway station into a ceramic tiling in the shape of her drawings. The artist, who has shown at the Asia Society, will create a sprawling work in indigo and white.
Artist Jean Shin is creating a site-specific work for the station at East 63rd Street.

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