See it split, see it change

January 6, 2012  |   Feature
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American artists Doug and Mike Starn (identical twins, born 1961) are primarily known for working conceptually with photography. They created “See It Split, See It Change,” a multi-part, site-specific installation (2005-2008) that encompasses the entire interior of the new South Ferry Terminal concourse, a crucial transportation hub that is situated at the entrance to the Staten Island Ferry Terminal.

The approximately 250-foot long work, ranging from 9 to 14 feet in height, presents the artists’ iconic tree photographs, and a leaf transposed into fused glass. Marble mosaics and a water jet cut stainless steel fence punctuate the station’s main tree landscape. See it split, see it change is Doug and Mike Starn’s first-ever public commission.

"SEE IT SPLIT, SEE IT CHANGE" is a site-specific installation commissioned and owned by Metropolitan Transportation Authority Arts for Transit South Ferry Station, 1 line, New York City Transit
For more than two decades Doug and Mike Starn have pursued themes of impermanence and transience in their photo-based artworks; here their interests find a permanent expression. In "See It Split, See It Change" (2005–2008), they have conceived the subway station as a passage that can convey meaning as well as people, both in constant flux.
Features Undulating Wall with Signature Starn Artworks— Silhouetted Images of Trees, and Mosaic Maps of Manhattan. Fused Glass Panels, Mosaic Marble Work, & Stainless Steel Fence, Spans 250 Feet up to 14 Feet Tall.