Row of sculptures to punctuate Riverwalk’s new Hub Spot

May 23, 2012  |   News
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“You think differently after you’ve experienced [Kaneko’s artwork],” ISU Museums director Lynette Pohlman said. “Really good works of art are that powerful. They are profound, and they can withstand a lifetime of investigation.”

An architectural rendering of the Hub Spot shows Jun Kaneko’s ceramic pillars, or “dangos,” near Court Avenue on the Principal Riverwalk in downtown Des Moines, Iowa. Drawing by peripheral matter productions

“Five ceramic pillars will land like exclamation points later this year at the west end of downtown’s Court Avenue bridge. The 7-foot sculptures by the Japanese-born, Omaha-based artist Jun Kaneko will punctuate the plaza at the soon-to-open Hub Spot on the Principal Riverwalk,” wrote Michael Morain.