Rack ’n’ Roll Project

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The Greater Des Moines Public Art Foundation sponsored the Rack-n-Roll project in partnership with the Historic East Village, Inc., Metro Arts Alliance of Greater Des Moines, the City of Des Moines, the Iowa Arts Council and the Downtown Community Alliance
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41.58967045156953, -93.61101239919662
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“Rack-n-Roll” Project

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The East Village “Rack-n-Roll Project” was funded in part and guided by the Greater Des Moines Public Art Foundation. The project was an open competition, resulting in over 20 entries from Iowa artists. The bicycle “art racks” are functional pieces that serve the dual purpose of securing bicycles while introducing public art into the East Village streetscape. The bicycle art racks are in eight separate locations east of the Des Moines River, along East Locust Street and East Grand Avenue. The submissions were reviewed by an experienced panel of judges who made final recommendations based on pre-determined criteria and quality of the artist’s work.

As a result, Iowa artists were commissioned to create these bike rack sculptures for installation throughout the historic East Village. The sculptures were unveiled during “Bike to Work Week,” which took place during spring 2006. The Greater Des Moines Public Art Foundation was pleased to assist the Historic East Village, Inc. by helping to select the artists and provide one-half of the $2,000 stipends paid to each commissioned artist.

“Spotted Dog” by Matthew N. Kargol is located at East Locust and East 5th Streets. Photo: Courtesy of the artist


Tim Adams, “Untitled”, 2005, East Locust Avenue & East 7th Street

Tim Britton, “Untitled”, 2006, East Grand Avenue & East 6th Street

Rebecca Ekstrand, “Untitled”, 2006, East Grand Avenue & East 6th Street

GENUS, “Untitled”, 2006, East Locust and East 4th Street

Eleanor Kahn, “Adagio”, 2005, East Locust Avenue & Robert D. Ray Drive

Matthew N. Kargol, “Spotted Dog”, East Locust & East 5th Streets

Michael Kleene, “The Cycle” (2005) East Locust Avenue & East 2nd Street

Jamie Malloy, “Untitled”, 2006, East 5th Street & Locust Avenue

Rob and Clare Robinson, “Untitled”, 2005, East Locust Avenue & 6th Street

Sherrie Than, “Sprocket”, 2005, East Locust Avenue & 4th Street

Heather Watchendorf, “Prairie Fire”, 2005, East Locust Avenue and 6th Street.