Art Type
Media / Materials
Year Completed
Date Unknown
Latitude & Longitude
41.584545, -93.629255
Location Description
Davis Brown Tower, Des Moines, Iowa 10th Street, Located directly across from the historic Hotel Fort Des Moines

Des Moines Color Field

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The installation is composed of 190 repurposed glass domes from front-loading washing machines that are internally lit with colored programmable LED lights. These lights can be played in a computer sequence that produces an infinite patterns and rainbow-color combinations.  The artwork was executed for the Davis Brown Tower by an artist who goes only by the name, STRETCH.

The choice of materials I use in my pieces—glass and steel—work against each other, causing tension while maintaining a high level of dialogue. The juxtaposition of the two serve to create an actual conversation, drawing the viewer in, inviting them to participate, engaging them both mentally and physically regardless of race, creed, or color. This allows the viewer's own past experiences to play a significant role in the present moment. The resulting dialogue can be used to inform and educate, serving as a gathering ground for communication easing cross-cultural boundaries. Amidst this interaction derives thought-provoking insight and one hopes, better understanding of the concepts and ideals the work embodies. Crude yet detailed structures transcend time, boldly manifesting enduring concepts. They float in and out of many moments. They are always in motions as much as glass itself is always in flux. It is within this context, the pieces, the concepts they represent, breathe life...