Public Art Foundation receives $40,000 Grant from BRAVO

January 21, 2020  |   Feature
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Greater Des Moines Public Art Foundation proudly highlights a grant award of $40,000 from Bravo Greater Des Moines. The 2020 Cultural Enrichment Grant is for the calendar 2020 grant period.

Our programs, events, and community activities fulfill its mission of placing the best of art in public spaces. Through public and private collaborations, the Public Art Foundation entrusts a shared notion of civic identity that brings art and spectator together. Developing stories and connections between public art and the viewer is especially important for young people, encouraging them to find their own stories and connections.

Major public art projects, like “A Monumental Journey” by Kerry James Marshall and “Miffy Fountain” by Tom Sachs, have developed spaces that inspire us to deepen observations and exchange different views, perceptions, thoughts, and feelings.

“A Monumental Journey” by Kerry James Marshall has developed a place that inspires us. Photo: M. J. Rowe

New relationships with artists and community members are developed each year. Launching temporary public art projects incorporating new digital media with innovative artists like Yorame Mevorach has generated spontaneous artistic and cultural connections in unexpected places.

“Our success would not have been possible without Bravo’s support. The grant award from Bravo reflects the importance of public art in our community,” said M. Jessica Rowe, director, Public Art Foundation.

Tim Hickman expressed “Grants from Bravo strengthen our work as we move closer to our goal of becoming a world-class destination for public art.”



The Greater Des Moines Public Art Foundation, established in 2004, recognizes that art belongs not just in galleries and museums, but also in streetscapes, parks, buildings and infrastructures of a thriving community. Dedicated to envisioning, developing, advancing and promoting public art projects, the Public Art Foundation collaborates with local entities and artists to engage, inspire and enrich the lives of residents and visitors to the community. In June 2019, a major public art project commissioned by the Public Art Foundation, “A Monumental Journey” by celebrated artist Kerry James Marshall, was recognized as one of the 50 Best Public Art Projects in North America by The Americans for the Arts.


The mission of Bravo Greater Des Moines is to leverage community resources to maximize impact of arts, culture, and heritage to advance regional priorities. It believes that the arts, culture, and heritage elevate and enrich a vibrant Greater Des Moines. 

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