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The Greater Des Moines Public Art Foundation is emphasizes that the spaces embracing public art, like A Monumental Journey, are places that can inspire us to deepen observations and exchange different views, perceptions, thoughts, and feelings. Giving form to a shared notion of civic identity continues to bring art and spectator together. We are making

"Zigs Zag, Zags Zig" was designed to be wrapped around a large transit bus. The design was created by artist Marianne Fairbanks. The title of the piece refers to the back and forth nature of this design. Formally the work uses two different line-based patterns (one soft and undulating the other hard and diagonal), the sawtooth triangles that serve to interrupt and define the patterns, and a binary palate of black and white to create a cacophony of movement and some level of disorientation for the viewer. Conceptually, the work is grounded in ideas of a more emotional back and forth and how one can vacillate between polarities of feelings in this current moment, and in this case places as they travel to and from on the bus.

Des Moines, Iowa: On 13 March 2019 the Greater Des Moines Public Art Foundation partnered with the Des Moines Area Regional Transit Authority (DART)  to unveil the ninth art bus. The Public Art Foundation commissioned artist Marianne Fairbanks to create the new art bus wrap, entitled Zigs Zag, Zags Zig. The project is part of

detail: This temporary, site-specific, public art project, “Mental Banquet: Painting with Lights,” was created by Oyoram. The music score was in collaboration with Jack Gallup and Melvin Veach. Greater Des Moines Public Art Foundation organized and funded the October 14 and 16, 2018 presentation, with in-kind support from CLE Productions, Ruan Transportation Management Systems, Inc., and The World Food Prize Foundation for its access to the east facade of Hall of Laureates.

The Greater Des Moines Public Art Foundation proudly presents the world premiére of temporary, site-specific, public art project called MENTAL BANQUET: PAINTING WITH LIGHTS. Internationally recognized artist Oyoram (aka Yorame Mevorach created the project. Oyoram uses 3D video mapping technology to push visual boundaries. With digitally constructed and animated images, the artist colorfully and dramatically transforms the (72 x 164

As well as the practical application of allowing skaters to practice their craft at night on the park’s different bowls, cradle, and tunnels, it’s also supposed to be experienced as an artwork—as a sensorial landscape, integrated into its surroundings, that plays with light and shadows.

Skate parks are all well and good in the daytime when skaters can see where they’re going, but what about at night? Korean artist Koo Jeong-A has come up with a solution—night-skating with glow-in-the-dark skate park which has been built in Vassivière Island, France. Drawn to the surrounding mysterious wooded French landscape, the Korean artist wanted to

Called "4MX", is a sculptural and programmatic artwork built from an ideation of individual and community holistic health. The  greenhouse concept mimics the shape of Malcolm X’s birth house. It will be built on his birth site’s land, the Malcolm X Birth Site Foundation. It is located in North Omaha, a neighborhood with a long history of poverty, social and economic challenges defined by racial boundaries, and food desertification.

Jordan J. Weber of Des Moines, Iowa joins a growing body of artists that the arts organization called A Blade of Grass (ABOG) supports through a ABOG Fellowship. Weber is one of six artists and two collectives to each receive $20,000 in unrestricted funding for projects that will be realized across the United States. Weber will

"Interloop" is the name of the new artwork above that reuses the escalators which had been used since 1932.

"Interloop is a project that really talks about past journeys and future journeys – this idea of two stitching stairways that interloop over each other using these heritage treads," the artist Chris Fox said.

Artist Chris Fox has created a mind warping public sculpture in Sydney, Australia’s heritage-listed underground railway station Wynard. Interloop is Fox’s answer to repurposing the old wooden stairs after being replaced by metal ones, part of a major plan directed by local redevelopers who commissioned the artist to help transform the city’s financial district. About the

The Jester Park Nature Center will serve as one of Iowa's leading nature centers as well as a gateway to experience Iowa's natural environment. It will serve as a focal point within the community where recreation, education, tourism and conservation efforts all intersect into one goal - to protect, preserve and promote the landscape in which we live, work and play.

Des Moines, Iowa: The Polk County Conservation Public Arts Committee invites artists to submit an application to create an outdoor entrance artwork for the entrance of the new Jester Park Nature Center. The selected artist’s piece shall be displayed at the entrance to the Nature Center. This call to artists provides an opportunity for artists

Greater Des Moines Public Art Foundation proudly partner with the Des Moines Area Regional Transit Authority to unveil the sixth art bus in conjunction with the opening of the 2017 Des Moines Arts Festival. The Public Art Foundation commissioned Des Moines artist Jordan Weber to create the design.

Residents and visitors may have noticed unique designs on large transit buses in their neighborhoods through the metropolitan area.  It is one of the Greater Des Moines Public Art Foundation’s initiatives.  Called Project Spaces, the initiative places compelling, temporary works of art in highly accessible and visible public spaces. Creating designs to wrap around buses is the result of

Art Route on 3rd and Locust Streets in Des Moines, Ia.

Greater Des Moines, Iowa: Installations are taking place on the regional Art Route DSM in Greater Des Moines (DSM), with locations in Downtown Des Moines and West Des Moines. Installations of thermoplastic paint in multiple crosswalks of intersections on the Art Route DSM path in Downtown are taking place this week and throughout the month. The

Cause Collective is the artist group behind The Truth Booth. (Left to right) Hank Willis Thomas, Jim Ricks and Ryan Alexeiv. (Not pictured: Will Sylvester)

Des Moines, Ia on 28-29 September 2016: The Truth Booth—a giant, inflatable, portable enclosure in the shape of a thought bubble—is crossing the United States to Des Moines, Iowa.  Its presentation in Des Moines is co-sponsored by Artist/Architect Mitchell Squire and the Greater Des Moines Public Art Foundation with community support. The Truth Booth is a

Located in the Horse Barn, Stall # 406, the center piece is a molded horse head used for tack display, rodeo and rope training which doubles as a camera to capture images in the barn.  Photo by M12 Studio

M12 Studio unveils a new public art project called SWITCH at the Iowa State Fair —on view through August 21, 2016.  Located in the Horse Barn, all ages are invited to explore a collection of equine (horse) objects, images and information, and take away printed materials about equine culture. During the Iowa State Fair, the images

Crosswalk rendering of "Walking Figures" concept design by artist ROADSWORTH.

First-of-its-kind, innovative project connects public art in Downtown Des Moines; expands into West Des Moines. GREATER DES MOINES, IOWA – Area leaders today unveiled details and officially launched the Art Route Des Moines path in Downtown Des Moines with a live installation of one piece of the route. The Art Route is a groundbreaking, first-of-its-kind project


Des Moines, IA — The Greater Des Moines Public Art Foundation announces that the artist Larassa Kabel has been commissioned to create a one-of-a-kind design which will be wrapped around a large transit bus. The project is part of the Foundation’s Project Spaces initiative, which places compelling, temporary works of art in highly accessible and

A unique public art experience in Des Moines, Iowa: The majority of the redesign of Des Moines’ Cowles Commons (formerly Nollen Plaza) by New York landscape architect, Ken Smith, was completed this past summer. The final feature of the project is a public art installation by Jim Campbell. Campbell is a renowned light artist, who

The public is invited to dip their feet in the Raccoon River as part of a public art installation by New York-based artist Mary Mattingly. The art installation, titled “Wading Bridge,” is a dock off the riverbank that lets people walk not only over the water – but in the water – as the center

5 March 2015: Bloomberg Philanthropies announced that Des Moines, Iowa is one of 12 cities in the running to receive up to $1-million in funding for public art projects that address civic topics. Des Moines was among the 237 U.S. cities that applied from 45 States, the District of Columbia, and Puerto Rico. The Public

Des Moines, IA: From more than 50 submissions the Innovation Investors with the Community Foundation of Greater Des Moines have identified 4 IGNITE FINALISTS for the 2014 Challenge! A collaborative group will pitch their innovative idea to a community panel to determine the winners: first place prize of up to $30,000 and runner-up prize of

One of China’s most well-known artists, Cai Guo-Qiang, uses stark imagery to shed light on environment issues. The Ninth Wave contemplates man’s destruction of nature. The project is on view until 26 October 2014. These nightmarish scenes are not science fiction but part of a new art exhibition by New York-based Cai aims to shed

Corn Dogs and Clowns

Visit the Iowa State Fair and experience a new public art installation by Paintallica. The installation is located in the courtyard of the Jim and Patty Cownie Cultural Center. Meet members of the Paintallica during an informal conversation at 1:30PM this Saturday, 16 August 2014. Paintallica’s installations are improvised and largely specific to each site.

Ai Weiwei, internationally acclaimed Chinese dissident artist, and Navajo artist Bert Benally through a remarkable collaboration, recently created Pull of the Moon, a temporary, site-specific art installation in a remote part of Coyote Canyon on the Navajo Nation. Pull of the Moon is part of Navajo TIME (Temporary Installations Made for the Environment), a unique

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