Matriz de Voz

October 5, 2012  |   Feature,   World
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Rafael Lozano-Hemmer is known for creating large-scale interactive installations in public spaces across Europe, Asia, and the North America. Using robotics, custom software, projections, internet links, cell phone interfaces, sensors, LED screens, and other devices, his installations seek to reconnect individuals with an increasingly alienating urban condition. His smaller-scale sculptural and video installations explore themes of surveillance, perception, and deception.

His project below is called Voice Array — as a participant speaks into an intercom, his or her voice is automatically translated into flashes of light and then the unique blinking pattern is stored as a loop in the first light of the array. Each new recording pushes all previous recordings one position down and gradually one can hear the cumulative sound of the 288 previous recordings. The voice that was pushed out of the array can then be heard by itself.

More information on Voice Array

Commissioned by the Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney in 2011. Technique: intercom, 576 white LED lights, holosonic speaker, custom-made hardware and software