LIGHT & WATER: Street Art in Spain

April 9, 2012  |   News,   World
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Urban light artist collective, Luzinterruptus, use light in clever ways to create street art in Spain. Artists literally illuminate the social injustices the Spanish people face through their innovative installations. “The idea behind our work is very simple: attract attention through light in public places so that they can be understood by the people who pass by at that very momento, without the need for instructions,” the collective stated.

Luzinterruptus is shedding light on Spain’s water problem. Over the last 30 years, 50% of Spain’s public water fountains have been lost. They now sit — broken and dry — on the streets of Madrid. Using more than 200 glass containers, Luzinterruptus took to the streets of Madrid to install water-illusions on the useless fountains. Blue lights beam through jars that make it look as if the taps are alive again — spilling over with the much-needed free water.