Every Bell in England will Ring in London 2012 Olympics

November 4, 2011  |   News,   World
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Turner Prize-winning artist and musician Martin Creed will ask Scots to join in with Work No. 1197: All the bells in a country rung as quickly and as loudly as possible for three minutes, a project which encourages people across the UK to rings bells as loudly and quickly as they can at 8.00am on July 27 2012 to welcome the 205 competing nations on the first day of the Games.

Creed will orchestrate an epic ringing of every possible bell in England, from church bells to school bells to bicycle bells for three minutes straight. The artist said: “‘It’s by people and for people. On the morning of the opening of the Games it’s a massive signal that something is happening.”

Work No. 1197 – Martin Creed’s vision – Allthebells.com