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Sarah Grant

 born 1954

Sarah Grant

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Born in Rochester, New York, Sarah Grant grew up in Ames, Iowa. Schooled for three years at Colorado State University, she went on to earn a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in drawing and intaglio printmaking in 1976, a Master of Arts degree in intaglio printmaking in 1978, and a Master of Fine Arts degree in painting in 1980, all from the University of Iowa. Well known in local art and business circles, Sarah Grant is a mature artist with a following of collectors whose numbers grow annually with each new exhibition of her acrylics.

Sarah Grant is the owner, founder and Creative Director of Sticks, Inc., a nationally recognized manufacturer of furniture, accessories and sculpture.

A “colorist” with a lively sense of design, she produces abstracts depicting a decorative record of emotional journeys-sometimes sunny, sometimes turbulent-almost always dynamic. These works consistently appeal to both young and mature collectors. Grant is a talented designer and skilled in a range of techniques beyond those usually apparent in her paintings. Over a period of 20 years, she has taught as guest artist and mentor in many public schools and colleges in Iowa. Her honors and commissions include: Visiting Artist Residency for the Iowa Arts Council; Kirkwood Hotel Mural Commission; and the Jerome Foundation Invitational Grant. Sarah Grant’s works hang in over 30 permanent collections, including those of the Des Moines Art Center, Allied Insurance, Pioneer Hi-Bred International, and Meredith Corporation.

Sarah Grant's Public Art in Greater Des Moines

  Sarah Grant

 2009  |  Long-Term Collection