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Pete P. Goché

 born 1967

Pete P. Goché

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Born on 01 January 1967 in Buffalo Center, Iowa, Pete Goché was raised out on the open flat of north-eastern Iowa from which he cultivated an intense curiosity of self with respect to the earth’s surface. His understanding and sensibilities regarding spatial experience and ethno-specific design stem from this agrarian upbringing and ongoing research in art, architecture and anthropology at Iowa State University. Equally, his travels throughout the Czech Republic, Western Europe and Spain nurtured his interest in people, their practices and the ways they occupy space. He is the founder of Black Contemporary, a field station dedicated to the study of spatial phenomena.


2005 Iowa State University Master of Architecture

1991 Iowa State University Bachelor of Architecture

1989 Bath University in Bath, England Study Abroad Program

Pete P. Goché's Public Art in Greater Des Moines

  Pete P. Goché

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