Hilde DeBruyne

born Belgium, 1964

Hilde DeBruyne

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Hilde DeBruyne was born in Belgium, August 18, 1964, into a family of artists. The daughter of sculptor Paul DeBruyne, she pursued she formal studies in Art History and Archeology at the University of Ghent in Belgium. DeBruyne has been working in clay for more than 20 years. Her ceramic work reflects nature and the cycle of life; she’s inspired by simple, organic features of rock formations, pebbles, and weathered wood.

The exterior finishes contrast smooth and rough textures, and open and closed forms. Layers of slip, grog, and clay capture embedded marks, scratches and prominent lines which adorn the surfaces. She also works in bronze and other metals. Her work is in public and private art collections. In Iowa, DeBruyne has participated in the Des Moines Arts Festival, Two Rivers Art, and the Newton Sculpture Show.

Greater Des Moines Public Art Foundation

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