Gail Folwell

 born 1961

Gail Folwell

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Gail Folwell studied at University of Denver, and earned a BFA in 1983. 

She has received numerous design awards from the Art Directors Club of Denver, Art Directors Club of New York, Art Directors Club of Los Angeles Art, Direction Magazine, NY, Print Communications, CA, Denver Advertising Federation, CO, and Type Directors Club NY, NY.

Her work has also been recognized by the Unites States Sports Academy, Sports Artist of the Year, 2014; National Art Museum Of Sport, 2011 “Excellence in Art and Sport”, Gold Award, ‘Pas De Deux’; National Art Museum Of Sport, 2011 “Excellence in Art and Sport”, ‘Swimmer’, ‘The Edge’; College Athletic and Academic Excellence Fine Art, 2012, ‘Pas De Deux’, ‘Swimmer’, ‘The Edge’; National Art Museum Of Sport, 2010 Annual Exhibition, ‘The Pitch’; Brookgreen Gardens, SC, Signs of the Season in Art and History, ‘Winter’; National Sculpture Society, NY, 2010 77th Annual, ‘God Speed’ ; Biennale Internazionale Dell’ Arte Contemporanea, 2003, Florence, Italy; National Sculpture Society, NY, 2002 Sports Sculpture, ‘Pas De Deux’, ‘Slap Shot’, ‘Challenge’; National Sculpture Society, NY, 2002: Angels and Winged Creatures of Fantasy, ‘Angel’s Play’; Walker Fine Arts, Group Show, Oct./Nov. 2002; 25 Leading American Sculptors, Southwest Art, 200; State Street Art Fair, Juried, Ann Arbor, MI, 2001 Merit Award for 3D; Dearborn Reider Fine Art Gallery, Group Show, 2001; and the National Academy of Design, 175th Annual Show 2000, Pas De Deux, New York, NY.

Folwell is an artist, designer, and sculptor from Boulder, Colorado. Her public and private installation clients include Denver Art Museum, University of Notre Dame, Pro Football Hall of Fame, and Vail Resorts. Her work is about the human experience, body language, spirit, mind and interaction. She sculpts abstractly figurative concept driven works. She seeks to convey a cause for ‘WE’ where ‘’US and THEM’ is the overwhelming norm.  As with sports, music and performance,  Art is a power that unifies. Her work is known to inspire, teach and heal.

The artist said, “We relate viscerally to images in our own likeness. I sculpt in a variety of mediums, embracing traditional and new methods: technology, light and sound. I collaborate with teams of skilled craftspeople and engineers to develop and share concepts that aim to connect people through immersive, interpretive and moving experiences in art.”

Her public art commissions include the following works of art:

Notre Dame Student Center | 24 Bronze bas relief door sculptures | 2017

Drills | 18’ x 20’ x 20’ Aluminum Basketball sculpture | Foyer installation, light, landscape & banner series | Marshalltown, Iowa | 2016/17

The NFL Draft, 1936 | City of Canton/Pro Football Hall of Fame | Canton, OH | 2015

In The Peloton | Denver Art Museum | Denver, CO | 2014

Tête à Tête | Denver Art Museum | Denver, CO | 2014

Challenge | University of South Alabama | Mobile, AL | 2013

The Pitch | City of Frisco | Frisco, TX | 2010

Winter | Vail Resorts | Vail, CO | 2009

The Edge | Vail Resort | Vail, CO | 2008

The Swimmer | Bowling Green State University | Bowling Green, OH | 2008

Gail Folwell's Public Art in Greater Des Moines

  Gail Folwell

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  Gray’s Lake Neighborhood