Brent Holland

 born 1978

Brent Holland

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Brent Holland integrates digital and traditional drawing. Holland’s hand-drawn imagery is conceived with new media applications that range from tightly-rendered portraits to unique abstractions that range in size from miniatures to bus-sized murals to integrated architectural construction.

Using representation and abstraction, his paintings and drawings are often multilayered meditations upon time, space and his sphere of existence. Forms in cavernous studio spaces and on walls come into sharp focus and dissolve into ethereal impressions. His artwork relies heavily on the evolution of the image through my mark‐making process, and he draws and paints primarily from observation.

Brent Holland is an associate professor in the College of Design at Iowa State University in Ames, Iowa. He received his MFA degree in painting from the University of Washington in Seattle, WA and he received his BFA degree in drawing from Missouri State University in Springfield, MO. He exhibits his work nationally.

Brent Holland's Public Art in Greater Des Moines

  Brent Holland

 2017  |  Archive Collection
  Greater Des Moines