October 5, 2012  |   Feature,   World
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Kari Altmann, New York, Baltimore and internet-based artist with interests in algorithms, art direction, and the mutation that occurs as things travel through systems of production and exchange.

Mimicking the form of a graphics pack that users can download in a number of online marketplaces — or rip from black market torrent sites and file sharing communities — KARI ALMAN offers up a range of world class effects and elements from her own projects that can be used and repurposed.

Kari Altmann, for example, considers her work to be located not in individual works (as meaningful as they may be), but rather in her avatar inside the data cloud wherein one views her perform the excavation and molding of her own artistic archive in mutable cloud-space, cloud-time.

Kari Altmann, HOW TO HIDE YOUR PLASM, 2010 — Handheld Icon Shapeshift for Liquid Chrystal Display

Sometimes she’ll just add an image for research or edit an older project; sometimes she’ll list, but not show new projects she’s working on; sometimes she’ll add a new video; sometimes she’ll take a video away; and so on and so on and so on and so on in a plethora of permutations one follows the artist play with her own cloud data:

Change, evolve—not to “better” data, just different data—data occurring in an ecological network of additional data networks which are—as a whole–growing and becoming self-reflexive, becoming visible to themselves (and its self).

The performative focus here, then, is not on the physical body repeating an action, but rather on the virtual body mutating its own archival network.

The above is an excerpt from POST INTERNET.