Joy of Music

, 1994  

The “Joy of Music” sculptures, life-size and cast bronze edition of 21, are located throughout the United States including in the Civic Center of Loveland, Colorado; Hastings College, Nebraska; Rodman Center for the Arts, Ripon College, Wisconsin; Dearborn, Michigan; Holland, Michigan; and in the house of the woman who inspired the work of art.

"The sculpture entitled "Joy of Music" is made of cast bronze. [It was] cast in Loveland, Colorado and finished in my workshop also in Loveland. Created in about 1990, it was the brainchild of a friend of mine named Margaret Foote, who commissioned me to make her some musicians. She was the first music teacher in Loveland and was in her nineties when we met. The models for children in the sculpture were my niece and son. The violin player was my friend and fellow sculptor Dan Ostermiller. The flute is played by my sister-in-law Bets (Holland) Lundeen. The bass player is me. The sculpture was done in an edition of 21. One is left in the edition, as the others have all been placed throughout the country. Some are like [Drake University], are on college grounds while some are in other public and private collections. The last one was dedicated in May [2011] in Hastings, Nebraska by the Hastings College Chapel. In an artist profile Lundeen said, “As someone views and touches a piece of my work, it is my sincere hope that they will look past that hard surface of bronze to find the life which I try so much to capture within. My Midwest/small town upbringing has been very good to me, especially because it has not only given me a firm footing from which to take off and see the world, it has also given me much of the subject matter I use today."

A native of Holdrege, Nebraska, Lundeen was a Fulbright-Hayes Scholar studying at the Academia de Belle Arte in Florence, Italy for a year. He holds a Master in Fine Arts from the University of Illinois where he studied under the tutelage of realist sculptor Frank Gallo and a bachelor of arts from Hastings College in Nebraska. Following his post graduate work, he returned to his home state in Nebraska to teach, but soon made his decision to pursue his passion for sculpting full time. George Lundeen has since established his sculpting studio in Colorado in the mid 1970’s, where he currently lives and works. Today, Lundeen is an internationally renowned sculptor who is widely known for his detailed, highly polished bronzes encompassing any number of subjects. He has been commissioned to sculpt portraits and interpretive works alike for universities, municipalities, foundations, and corporations. A member of Allied Artists of America and the National Sculpture Society, Lundeen has achieved the status of full Academician of the National Academy of Design in New York, the highest professional recognition bestowed on visual arts in America. He has been commissioned to sculpt portraits and interpretive works alike for universities, municipalities, foundations, and corporations. Lundeen is a member of the National Academy of Design and the National Sculpture Society.